PayLite Software

PayLite is the first 'payroll' dealing specifically Basic Payrolls.

PayLite is a truly unique payroll system as it is designed solely to fit basic Entry uncomplicated payroll needs- no matter the size. So, what makes PayLite unique? Firstly it is available in Afrikaans and is the only payroll package that is designed to accommodate Afrikaans speaking users.

Secondly, we provide the service of outsourcing payroll for owners who are too busy to maintain their own payroll system. Onsite consulting of the software and tax issues is provided as well as training (basic, advanced, excel) to ensure that Paylite works for you.

With Paylite there is also integration with software such as accounting, Time and Attendance software and a complete Payroll Audit. This in conjunction with LabourTool © and Labour Law specialist puts you in the best position to run your business.

So why Paylite by Payslip? Payslip has a pedigree spanning over twenty two years. Our software is tested, re-tested and has evolved through complex changes in tax, labour law, UIF and other legislation. We have a loyal client base and we listen to our users. They form an integral role of suggesting modifications and refinements that has changed the Payslip software into products that are stable, practical and well suited to any industry in South Africa and neighbouring countries. With constant upgrades, you also have peace of mind knowing your system is up to date.

Our products are supported nationally by a team of dedicated professionals who provide onsite and telephonic assistance. Our culture is focused on building customer relations and we put our clients at ease when calling the Payslip help desk. There truly is no such thing as a silly question and we form strong bonds with our clients.

Training and seminars are held at all major centres and onsite consulting is available on request. Payslip SA has branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and George with dealers representing all other areas.


PayPDF - Makes sending out payslips a lot FASTER!

Software Features

  • Cater for all Industries.
  • Weekly, fortnightly and monthly payments.
  • Salary, hourly, piecework etc.
  • Multi-company.
  • Costs by employee, cost centre, and jobs.
  • Cash, cheque, bank transfer
  • Tax structures for non-RSA countries
  • RSA statutory returns including Industrial Councilsand SARS requirements
  • Comprehensive updates
  • Suitable for structured salary packages
  • Reports

    There are no “forced” reporting and reports can be reprinted as often as required, to printer, file, (Excel) or Word.

  • Payslips , 2 part, 3 part ,A4 confidential
  • Copy payslips - 60 periods back.
  • Bank Transfers.
  • Coinage.
  • Leave.
  • Loans.
  • IRP5 and IT3 tax certificates.
  • Signature sheets.
  • Report writers.
  • Audit... and many others.