Payroll outsourcing: Team Outsourcing

Payslip's Payroll outsourcing service is a complete, professional service that allows you to channel any instructions that would normally be sent to your in-house payroll department on to our team of payroll experts instead. This provides you will payroll administration that is stress free, timely and professional.

"Businesses use payroll outsourcing to improve efficiency and reduce their operating expenses allowing you more time to focus on your own business and not on administration. "
CEO, Kerin Trusler
"A team of Payroll experts who know the methods, regulations and legislation that must be adhered to in South Africa"


Payroll services are tailored to suit your companies individual requirements:

  1. Payroll administration
  2. Electronic statutory deductions: PAYE, UIF, SDL
  3. The processing, reconciliation and submission of SARS end of year and EMP501, EMP201 via online Efiling
  4. Submission of UIF reports
  5. Medical and pension deductions and well as advice regarding these matters
  6. Liaise with third parties on issues directly affecting the payroll
  7. Produce sealed and electronic pay slips
  8. Structure individual employees salaries, where requested
  9. Process year-end reports and procedures and supply client with reconciliations and tax certificates as per manual - additional run mid tax year and year end, invoiced separately.
  10. Advice on Labour law


what is payroll outsourcing

What is payroll outsourcing?

The Outsourcing team takes care of your payroll needs for you. Our services include calculating payroll and tax amounts dues for each employee, providing reports and issuing paychecks. Paychecks can be issued weekly or monthly depending on your companies needs.

"Team Outsourcing provides a total outsource function that can be linked to have a payroll department but just at another office, ours!"

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Our team consists of

  • Taxation experts
  • Payroll administration experts
  • Legislation compliance and Audit experts
  • Computer software specialists
  • Labour Law Consultants
  • Your Responsibilities:

    Third party interactions (SARS, benefit funds) - we can however provide assistance with these submissions.Data backups and storage of data is the clients responsibility

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    payslip promise

    The Payslip promise

    We endeavour to build a lasting relationship with your organisation that enables us to understand your business, provide a payroll service that exceeds your expectations, and to contribute to the ultimate success of your organization. Our work is meticulous, accurate and reliable

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